If you are the type that thinks of the glass half fulll, then this game should be perfect for you.

User Rating: 7.6 | Earthworm Jim 3D N64
Earthworm jim has allways been staring in odd games. This game, however, seems to take some of the concentration away for odd gameplay and try to make the game,well, just plain odd.

Once you enter the game you will see peter puppy, who will give you the run down on your deterrirorating mental health and go on to give you an udder (golden!) to start you off. On this first encounter you will notice the humor. It ranges from wacky, to bland, to bathroom humor, to original, and then right back to bland. I won't spoil some of the better funny stuff, but here's a good quote from a level made entirely from beans and cheese: "Cheesy effects! It's like the tex-mex that TIME FORGOT!".

Then, within 2 minutes of game play, you will notice the camera. 'Dang', you will think, 'This is gonna ruin the entire game!'. But have patience grasshopper, if you tape down the "R" button it becomes far better. It;s a supprise that the camera that appears when you hold down the R button isn't a camera mode in it's self. If it was, the game would simply be much better.

Then there's the sound. The voice acting (though slightly less then what you would hope for) is very well done, and the voice of homer simpson makes earthworm jim come to life weather he's commenting on the latest level or the pain he's experiencing. As far as the music goes, it tends to be either really good, REALLY BAD, or mediocre. Unfortunatley, it rarely is only slightly annoying when it's bad, which is probably why you have the option to turn the music off. Other than that, there's a nice assortment of odd sounds, clicks,clacks, boings, and moos to keep you satisfied.

Now graphics. Nice clean textures which look suprisingly un-blurry. However, about 50% of the time it's bland or plain. Character animation is very nice and smooth, and character design is better than the textures (60/40).

Gameplay: A little bit platformer, a little bit shooter, this is a nice game with occasional twists and ONE MAjOR DRAW-BACK: PIG BOARDING. Nuff' said.

Fans of the series will be put off by the lower-quality quips and level design, but those who are forgiving gamers and can see good things despite rash-like problems here and there will love it.