Criminally Underrated!!

User Rating: 9.1 | Earthworm Jim 3D N64
I played this game towards the end of the N64's lifespan and I'll tell you something, it's in my top ten N64 titles, maybe even top 5. I understand people give this game it's bad press mostly because it's not the earthworm jim they are used to. I remember playing this game and thinking, "Wow, any game where a baby with a mustache threatens a worm with a pointy object is an instant classic". Of course my range of vocabulary at that age limited me to "This is friggin awesome!"

I do recall the camera being pretty annoying but I was able to overcome it. There were just so many fun little side quests and upgrades to do that I kept myself busy for a while. It was challenging, but not impossible. Probably my biggest problem with the game is the pork boarding boss fights, i did not find them entertaining. Of course i doubt Jim does either ; ).

But even the Earthworm Jim purists can't deny that this game is any less hilarious then previous installments. It's wacky, disturbing, and always absurd sense of humor has an odd sort of sophistication to it. Though there are countless young children (and myself) who could laugh at the idea of herding old ladies, can they see the hilarious irony to a disco dancing zombie? (Staying alive, staying alive).

For someone to call this a bad game is a crime in itself. This is a wonderful game that should be experienced by all N64 owners out there!