inaccurate wiimote controls ruin an otherwise fine effort

User Rating: 3 | EA Sports Active WII
I'm in the midst of a 30day challenge which is the core of this game. First the good. If you want a coach to tell you what to do so you don't have to plan the workout, this is a good choice. I like the exercises, the pace, the ability to change how strenuous the workout is via different bands, the coach, really most things about it so far. That said the wiimote's incredibly frustrating lack of accuracy and the delays and interruptions in pace this causes (the game waits for the wiimote to signal you've done the rep) make for a frustrating experience. I exercise to decrease frustration, not the reverse. I'll keep at it because I want to get my 30days in, but after this I'll be trying other things to see if they're better. I find wii fit software has none of the issues this game does, so I don't think it's my setup. It's close to being something good, but I would recommend you go elsewhere unless you're willing to put up with frustrating interruptions in many but not all (e.g., running works fine) of the exercises. after another two weeks working with this thing there are times that it works well and that's great, but about 1/3 of my exercises have moments of extreme frustration. the wiimote issue occurs every time. And I highly HIGHLY recommend that you don't do the balance board 'enhanced' exercises. It has not one time worked well for me.