EA Sports Active vs. Wii Fit? Which should you choose? My opinion is that the two programs work together perfectly.

User Rating: 10 | EA Sports Active WII
I have been using EA Sports Active for a month, after also using Wii Fit for about two months. The programs are very different, but actually, compliment each other perfectly. I have been doing the EA Sports Active 30-day challenge, on the medium setting, which usually ends up in a 20- to 25-minute workout with a good amount of cardio and lots of sweat. Great.

But before I launch EA Sports Active, I launch Wii Fit and weigh myself, then do a short routine of Yoga and strength exercises ... Half Moon, Sun Salutation, Tree, Single-Leg Extension, Push Up and Side Plank, Jackknife, maybe Single Let Twist. That takes about 12 to 15 minutes and it gives me some stretching and strength warm up before I hit EA Sports Active. EA usually launches right in with a run/walk routine, then lunges, curls, etc. Perfect.

The only weakness of EA is the silly resistance cord, which is too flimsy to really work out your upper body. If I shorten it, I am sure it will break. I need to find something as an alternative. But the leg strap is high quality and works great.

I do love Wii Fit because it emphasizes balance, well-being, stretching and it does keep track of my weight. I do love EA Sports Active because it gives you fun, preselected patterns of routines that work on all areas of fitness and all muscle groups.

The balance board isn't that important to EA Sports Active. I think it adds a great twist to the boxing routine, where you mix punches and kicks. And it can turn tennis into a fun way to do side lunges. But it isn't crucial to the program.

So you definitely do not need Wii Fit and the balance board to make EA Sports Active a great program. But I think the combination of Wii Fit's balance exercises and EA's cardio exercises and great preselected daily routines is perfect to keep me fit.

If you are thinking of buying only one, I would say ... EA Sports Active. It costs a lot less and will deliver more fitness results, because it works you harder in preset programs.

On the other hand, the balance board is a brilliant add-on and it makes Wii Fit an amazing program. And I love what Wii Fit does for my balance and strength.

Get them both.