Great game? ...or Greatest game?

User Rating: 9.6 | Dungeon Keeper 2 (Classic) PC
You can't call yourself a gamer until you have at least given this game a try. This is one of the most original and most fun games I have ever played. While other games always put you in the position of the good guy, this game does the opposite. In this game you get to be bad, very bad, and trust me, being bad is so much more fun than being good! This game is so much fun that you will not even notice the many hours you have spent playing it. Though I believe this game is best enjoyed in single player, it does have a fun multiplayer aspect too it, and can be great fun when played with friends. The graphics are great for their time, but the sounds including speech, music, and atmospheric effects is one of the highlights of this game. This game knows how to create a good...or should I say 'bad' atmosphere! Although I think anyone can enjoy this game, I believe RTS junkies will enjoy it the most, put StarCraft down for a bit and give this game a try!