One of those favorite games that you will cry about when you can no longer play them on a new computer

User Rating: 9.4 | Dungeon Keeper 2 (Classic) PC
I wish they made a third

Dungeon Keeper 2 was a great game that had a modest release and a slow death. So many new ideas were added to the realm of Strategy games that Bullfrog truely revolutionized strategy games as many new games have been released that emulated Bullfrogs tunnel and Strategy/RPG gaming such as Evil Genius(Although Evil Genius is nowere as addictive or fun as Dungeon Keeper 2.) What I mean by Strategy/RPG is that it takes the thinking ,planning and base building of your regular birds eye view strategy game and adds an RPG element of training your creatures so that they become stronger and adding Different types of Creatures so that your Dungeon becomes stronger as a whole. Traps, while numerous, were not always useful but used in a more entertaining fashion. I think the CPU uses traps alot more. I just wish i could play it on my current xp machine without it bugging out randomly . Not only that but the patches themselves add even more content to everything. However, you cant get black knights as often with the 1.1 patch...that kinda sucked. Another complaint would have to be that the enemy AI isant very adaptive or smart, because on certain levels you could kickback without any worry of enemy you the time to pick and choose the fight. Not only that but against heroes there wouldn't be any continous or organised attacks on their part...just random strike groups that would either break your dungeon or end up helping it...usually the latter.
The best part about the game was the fact that it was so highly addictive-I SPENT HOURS getting my forces up to the perfect level, and many times i would keep replaying levels to perfect traps(damn sillven elves level).