No one ever said that being an evil overlord would be easy.

User Rating: 8.8 | Dungeon Keeper 2 (Classic) PC
Dungeon Keeper is in my opinion the best evil sim that you can buy, and Dungeon Keeper 2 serves as an excellent follow up.

Like in the original you play as a Dungeon Keeper in the sequel. Your objective? To conquer another continent, of course! Unfortunately the heroic do-gooders have banished all Keepers to the underground, and the only way to reach the surface is to acquire portal gems from the Lord of the Realm in each realm. Fortunately because you so efficiently conquered that other continent in the first game, Horned "Horny" Reaper himself is willing to assist you in this task.

Your primary objective in Dungeon Keeper 2 is to obtain a Portal Gem for each realm. To do so you need to build a satisfactory dungeon in each realm to attract powerful creatures. Like in the original you can build a variety of rooms each with different properties, and traps to send those irritating heroes to their doom. As there is no honor amongst evil-doers you will also have to occasionally deal with rival Keepers who also seek to conquer the land like in the original game. Dungeon Keeper 2 also features a "My Pet Dungeon" mode which functions like a sandbox mode where you can build a dungeon without worrying about invading heroes, or rival keepers attacking. You can trigger hero invasions if you feel that your creatures are getting too comfortable, though.

For their time the graphics in Dungeon Keeper 2 were not bad. They seem blocky by today's standards, but unlike its predecessor all characters are in full 3D, and of course the environments remain full 3D. Like in the original, you can also possess your creatures to explore your dungeon in first person which is a very nice feature.

The sound isn't bad, the voice acting serves its purpose, and remains solid throughout the game. Especially your advisor who seems more calm this time around. Sound effects are also suitable, but the music seems non-existent. This is not a problem, however; since the original DK didn't feature a memorable soundtrack by any means.

If you liked the original, or are seeking a great sim where you are the villain then Dungeon Keeper 2 is for you. It has great longetivity, and lives up to its predecessor by not fixing what isn't broken. It's unfortunate that Dungeon Keeper 3 will never see the light of day.