Dungeon Keeper 2 is an enchanting experience, and one that you will not forget for many years to come!

User Rating: 9 | Dungeon Keeper 2 (Classic) PC
If you do not wish to read the full review I have made a brief; good and bad points about Dungeon Keeper 2.

Good: The humour of dungeon keeper 2 will make you smile throughout each stage, The graphics and sound set the mood very well making you think you were there breathing in the cold, dank air, Many ways you can approach a situation, Traps and spells are a fun and neat edition, Equally as good as it's predecessor, Even if your not a huge fan of RTS the game is still fun.

Bad: One mission is way to hard, story is simple.

Graphics: Were revolutionary at the time, and help to set the mood very well. The simple use of textures on creatures to walls make you feel as though, you were actually there. The design DK uses helps set the humourous side of the game, it will make you chuckle when you see an imp runnning away from an enemy giant! 10/10

Gameplay: Is great fun, you can literally just have fun clicking on a wall and watch your imps dig for you! Training creatures, mining gold, researching spells it's all a huge pile of fun fun. There are also many other things you can do in Dugeon Keeper 2, but I won't give out spoilers! The game difficulty is just right, apart from one level where it just leaps up like a frog on steroids, and then comes down again to where it once came. (I think it's mission 14) 9.5/10

Sound: Fantastic, it sets the mood just right for an underground smelly, dark and dank dungeon in which you have control over. Hearing the occasional drop of water, padding of creature's feet or even the farts of a Bile Demon all give the game great sound. Also the helper, (Horny) , has a rather good taste in black humour and as well as keeping you informed, he will also keep you entertained with his heart warming jokes.

Story: It's quite basic but gets to the point very well. Simplicity in the story allows you to have more fun, then having to keep on remembering things and then associating them with whats happening now. However some people may want a more complex story, than DK2 has to offer. 8.5/10

Overall, Dungeon Keeper 2 in my opinion, is possibly the best and most unique RTS to date. Pick up a copy if you ever see one. This game gets my "MUST BUY!" Badge and a 9.0