Stop Mocking ME!!

User Rating: 5.5 | Duck Hunt NES
I remember when i was a little gamer this and Super Mario Bros were the first games i'd ever played so i have soft spot for it and a hatred for it.

Gamepley: Ok basically your a hunter shooting ducks with the Zapper Gun, OOOOO. So your shooting away until you miss and this is where the only game in the world that i played so far laughs at me cause i missed i mean, I'm like 5 or 6 and the game is laughing at me, no no no screw people telling me ima n00b this has to be the greatest way of getting in gamers head and screwing with them and it's a dog no less

Contol: point and shoot, short sweet to the point though if your not pointing at the screen right even if you think it's accuate its not

Music: It like a torture chamber all you hear is ducks, laughter and generic shooting

Environment: Well theres not much to look at though it was way back when but they could of crammed more places then a field and a mountain area, other then that gross.

Well i blame this game for my lack of self cofidence in gaming, thank you Duck hunt, I hate you.