Dracula is beautiful but short game. It has everything you need to spend your one evening frightening a little...

User Rating: 8.7 | Dracula: The Resurrection PC
I love this kind of games: short but interesting. Maybe someone would say its to short, but it isn't trust me! Beautiful graphic, cutsceens that you have never saw and story that will holds you on your chair whole night - thats the best one game can give you.
You all be very surprised with story: from beginning its kinda peaceful and linear, but as you are going more further you'll see some great twists like old and "poor" little granny turning into something youll never dream off.
Sound, that is what you have to be aware off: sit tight and fasten your seat belts because when you hear music and effects Dracula will be real. Trust me!!!
So play it people! And think, think and think... This game need that!!!
Enjoy and have fun!
Thank to Gamespot for letting me write this!!!