This Beat-Em-Up game will always be remembered.

User Rating: 9 | Double Dragon NES
I don't remember how I got this game but, I do remember how I became interested in playing this as I saw my older cousins try and beat this game. My cousins' names were "Abram" and "Derek". Abram was the big brother, and Derek was the little brother. The game did look fun as I remember seeing Abram and Derek throwing knives and using bats in the game.

Story: 8/10
- The story is a simple "rescue the girl" type. The protagonist Billy Lee says goodbye to his twin brother Jimmy Lee after he visits him. Then afterwards Billy apparently started washing his car in his garage as his girlfriend Marie steps out to get some fresh air after they had a little argument about Billy spending more time with martial arts than with his girlfriend, and all of a sudden part of the Black Warriors gang that takes control of the city appears in front of her. She sees the shocking truth of who their leader is and one of them knocks her out and take her away, then Billy goes out to apologize to Marie but finds some of the Black Warriors running away with an unconscious Marie and catches a glimpse of their leader and hopes that it was not who he thought it was. He tries to run after her but other Black Warriors get in his way and he is forced to fight through all of them to get to her.

Gameplay: 9/10
- The gameplay is great and fun as you get to use melee weapons such as whips and baseball bats and get to throw things such as oil drums, cardboard boxes, knives, and dynamite. The game serves as a sort of a RPG genre as you got to beat up enough guys to learn new moves. The 1 on 1 versus mode in the game is surprisingly fun also as you get to play as the enemies instead of the just the same old protagonist. The 2 Player feature is just like Super Mario Bros. as you get to "take turns" playing, but as the same character for a reason...

Graphics: 8/10
- The graphics are good for a classic Nintendo game; everybody looks all right on the game.

Sound: 9/10
- The sound effects of fighting people are good but funny. Because when you jump, it makes a funny Super Mario Bros. sound, when you punch/kick people, it makes that funny "TAP TAP!" sound, and when you throw dynamite, a funny "POW!" sound is heard. The music for the game is really great! I loved that title music and first stage music. They are very memorable!!

Overall, I give this game a 9 out of 10. This was a great start to the series! I want the sequels Double Dragon II and Double Dragon IV because those games have the actual 2 Players!!