A beat-em up gem!!

User Rating: 10 | Double Dragon NES
Your girlfriend has been kidnapped by the Black Warriors and taken to the lair of the Shadow Boss!! What can you do?! Well, for starters, you will have to kick , punch, throw knives, use bats, throw dynamite( yes dynamite) and pretty much anything you can to get your girlfriend back!! As Billy, you will have to fight your way through 3 stages to reach the final boss stage to fight the Shadow Boss!!
This game has a variety of ways you can attack your enemy. You start out with some basic punches and kicks. As you hit and kick your enemies you gain points. When you reach 999 points you will receive a heart and you go up 1 level. There are seven levels in all and each new level will give you a new attack. From a move where you grab your enemies hair and smash his face into your knee, to over the shoulder throws, to a pin attack. The moves are quite varied and you have to perform exact button and dpad presses to perform them. This is not a button-masher and timing is everything!!
While there is not a big variety of enemies, the ones you fight can be tough and most will carry a weapon. Weapons come in the form of knifes, dynamite, bats, whips, etc. One enemy even has a machine gun!! You can pick up weapons and use them against your enemies once you disarm them. Way cool !!!
For the time this was a must have game on the NES. You can play this game over and over and never get tired of it. The animations were cool, the graphics were great and just running around beating up your enemy and using weapons was awesome. It also had some cool music with each level and the sound of your punches and kicks were great!! A true beat-em up classic.