One of the best shooter I've played so far

User Rating: 9 | DOOM (Collector's Edition) PS4

I bought this game due to 1) it is a classic that reminds me my old times and b) A full game with multiplayer for just $19.99

This game doesn't have anything you have not seen before. However, since I started playing it, I wanted more. What I liked it was that it is a challenging game without making you spend hours trying to past a level.

You need to play right in order to go through the mission.

Certainly, it is not the best game around neither innovative in any way. But it has the enough elements to keep you setting for hours, having fun till the end.

It took me around 12 hours to beat the game. I highly recommend to play it at least in the second level of difficulty (no the easiest) because part of the appealing of the game is the challenging part.

The story is not deep but good enough to follow. Multiplayer, I just tried a single team deathmatch and I liked it.

Recommended game for a weekend or two, a good pick up for the price.

Thanks for reading.