Doom Review

User Rating: 8 | DOOM (Collector's Edition) PS4

Doom is an intense, faced paced shooter that doesn't over complicate design.

First off is the gameplay, which is intense, and extremely fast paced. The upgrade path of the weapons, and armor upgrades progress at a fluid pace, constantly making you feel slightly stronger. The speed of this game, and the simplicity of it make it refreshing compared to other shooters, with great level design, and multiple enemies thrown in to keep things interesting.

The story is there if you want it , but it isn't integral to the enjoyment of the game, however it offers enough interest through logs, and dialogue to push you through the game with some purpose. Also the soundtrack is phenomenal, and really gets you pumped to crush a room full of demons.

The visuals are gorgeous, and the execution animations, are some of the most gruesome I have ever seen. There weren't many performance issues that I noticed throughout my playthrough and the frame rate remained smooth.

Overall Doom is a satisfying, and refreshing shooter filled with intense, simple but fun combat, gorgeous levels, and a killer soundtrack making this well worth a trip to Hell