Donkey Kong Jungle Beat NPC is a great game, despite having a few flaws.

User Rating: 8.5 | Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (Wii de Asobu) WII
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is a controversial game. There are many haters of the game, even though it does have a lot of fans as well. In my opinion, it is one of the best Donkey Kong games. Even though it is fair to say that the game has a lot of disadvantages, which will be mentioned below, it manages to be innovative, addictive, challenging and most of all pure fun.

1) Innovative gameplay: the ability to perform multiple combos in order to get as many bananas as you can is definitely great. It has a lot of replay value and becomes really challenging as it makes you break your record all the time in order to beat every challenge and become the King of the Jungle.

2) Punch-Out: this is another incredible addition in Donkey Kong's gameplay and its influence can be seen in the new Donkey Kong Country Returns. The fights with the Kongs (Ninja, Karate, Sumo, Cactus and Ghastly) are very challenging, even though you might end up with sore arms from shaking the remote and nunchuk too damn hard.

3) New animal buddies: while DKCR only employed Rambi from the DKC series, DKJB was able to create some awesome new friends, while some others are just tolerable. Hoofer the Wildebeest and Orco are wonderful animal buddies whom I would love to see in other games.

1) No references to the DKC legacy. The Nintendo Tokyo team chose to completely neglect Donkey Kong's history and this is probably the worst part of the game. It does not have to do with the absence of Kremlings, but the fact that none of the Kongs (not even Diddy) or the animal buddies are mentioned in the game totally sucks.

2) Tacky design: some of the enemies and the overall design of the environment felt tacky and silly sometimes, even though overall the graphics of the game are definitely decent.

3) The game is extremely short for a Donkey Kong game. Even though there are 20 kingdoms in total with 3 levels each, completing the game would take much less time than any of the DKC games.