Starring Donkey Kong in his classic adventure!

User Rating: 9.5 | Super Donkey Kong SNES
I still remember how happy I was when I got this game packed in with the Super Nintendo that I had gotten for Christmas in 1994. After opening my gift,
I immediately started playing.....I was even more satisfied with the gameplay than I was with just looking at the cartridge.
The game is simple, yet, challenging to complete. Running through the jungle with your buddy, Diddy Kong, then getting a ride from your friend Rambi. When it comes to swimming, I've got a friend in Enguarde. For high-speed missions, there's Expresso. Finally, there's Squaks to light up those dark caves in the mountain level--only one level, though.
Addicting gameplay, fun levels, fun boss battles, and loads of levels to keep you busy for as long as the entertainment will last, Donkey Kong Country will be one of the greatest Nintendo games to live on for all time!