Although this might not be the ideal DKC game, it certainly has a life of its own.

User Rating: 7 | Donkey Kong Country GBC
I've played the original DKC on the SNES, as well as this version, GBC. The GBC clone of DKC obviously lacks the graphical strength to match its mother, but it holds up quite well for a portable game.

The game itself has the same map, same music, same everything almost. There are a few minor details that differ from the original like the absence of your partner following you on the screen, the absence of DK riding on an animal friend, stuff like that. Those elements make the game seem empty and lonesome at times, but again, this is the GBC version. We're talking small screen dimensions here. But the GBA version is probably the best portable version out there. I have yet to play the GBA version and obtain the original SNES version.
But so, this game has a couple of bonus games like shooting Kremlings and Fishing in a polluted ocean. Otherwise, it's just a port lacking graphical strength. It is still enjoyable, however, and I probably wouldn't recommend this version unless you happen upon it at a garage sale for 50 cents. The GBA version looks the best. Get both if you can and re-enjoy the 90's.