Not worth the hype. Falls far short of the original Dissidia

User Rating: 3 | Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy PSP
To be quite honest I, like so many other FF players were quite likely excited for this game. I don't know about everyone but I found it to be a let-down. The new story mode, was very bland, and felt hastily put together. while yes, the FMV videos and the animation was good, the story and the division of the chapters was rather bland. The Original story is unlocked after you complete this story, it retains its originality for the most part, with a few changes here and there for the world map, and the KP system that replaced the old DP system.
I will admit that the switch from the DP system of retaining the most DP at the end of a gateway, to earning KP which was used to buy these items was a helpful switch. As sometimes it seemed near impossible to earn some of these items.
The replacement of "Inward Chaos" in the original Dissidia, with "An untold tale" was a nice switch. I never beat "Inward chaos" in the first, sad to say. But, "An untold tale" wasn't so bad. the lack of a clear cut story wasn't very helpful but once you figure it out, it all makes sense.
One nice touch to the game was the option to carry over your characters levels from Dissidia to Deuodecim was nice. I thought a lvl 100 warrior of light for his first mission was a bit senseless but it worked. bear in mind it screws over the KP system if you transfer.
Now this is one thing I couldn't stand. No item transfer. I don't know about others, but I spent hours upon hours earning the best weapons, armors, you name it, and none of them transferred over? It was probably one of the single-most irritating things about the game. Mind you if you didn't play Dissidia then it wouldn't even know this. Another issue was the nerfing of EX-mode and Wall rushes. These were key in Dissidia in order to defeat enemies and were especially key for specific character (i.e. Gabranth for EX-modes and Cloud for Wall Rushes).
Overall, I didn't enjoy this game. It was a let down as a sequel, but I'll admit it is a very addicting game.