Just do yourself a favor and stay away from this crap.

User Rating: 4 | Walt Disney's The Jungle Book SNES
Story: The only way this game is adapted to the story is by a cutscene before even playing the game and that's it. Each level does follow the story for the most part but the game itself is really not done well when they are trying to adapt it to the movie. Basically there is no telling of the story and that is only the beginning of what kind of game you are in for.

Presentation: Well as I mentioned in my Lion King Review Virgin Interactive tends to worry more about their presentation more than their gameplay, and for me the presentation in these games are always great. The only problem I did find is there are various levels that recycled the same graphical look, so even in the presentation department they got lazy this time. Mowgli even looks like crap, look at the movie and look at the game, he looks absolutely horrible and just because this is a sixteen bit console doesn't mean that they could have not made him look better, look at Lion king both Kid Simba and Adult Simba looked fine, they couldn't do the same to Mowgli?

Gameplay: There are certain things a developer should never do in a sidescrolling platform game, I'll name some that they chose to do in this game, First off there is an area in the game where you ride on a bird and It's a really challenging part so after you beat that part of the level you think it's rewarding, and you are happy to have beaten that part then you jump off the bird and land on the platform to find that the platform falls and you fall to your death. That is a big middle finger from the developer, you don't do that, that's not a fair challenge and especially after accomplishing getting through a hard part there are so many parts like that through this game, and as I mentioned you just don't do that to a gamer! The mechanics are also broken yet again, the jumping rope to rope is just as broken as it was as it was in Lion King, and nothing's changed. The controls are alright their nothing special but aren't too great. The level design is just a mess basically every level is like a maze you must climb and go through all kinds of certain obstacles it's a big muddled size crap of a maze and each level is horrible because of it. The boss battles are not very good they are quite a challenge but they are so hard but they are not impossible the boss battles are just ok. There is also no password system there are eleven levels in this game and they are as hard as balls and they don't put a password system! Well there is a cheat you can enter where you can select the level but as I mentioned in Lion King who in the 90s would know that.

The Last boss is Shere Khan he is so hard and you don't start at the boss after you die you start at the checkpoint in the level which is ridiculous! He is possible to beat but you will have to play him over and over again, after you do beat him you get pictures with text in it, telling you the end of the story which isn't even true and some of it even has grammar and spelling errors. Basically in the ending it tells you in the end that Mowgli just decides to go with the humans, this is a total lie if you watched the movie you would know that throughout the whole movie Mowgli does not want to go back to the humans and the only reason he chooses to go back to the humans is because of a beautiful girl he lays his eyes on. So that leads to the question did they even watch the movie!?

Overall this game is terrible from a terrible story adaption to the cruel broken gameplay mechanics, no one will like this game and I hope no one will ever play this game and have the headache I had when I played this mess of a game.