A Great Adaptation of Everyone's Favourite Angry Duck

User Rating: 7 | Donald Duck: Quack Attack PS2
I never finished playing this game, I thought of it more as a diversion when I wanted to play something, but was stuck on other games. The basic premise isn't even important in a lot of ways, though it is cute, and having Donald enlist help from others to save Daisy from an evil wizard. The game isn't particularly challenging, though I've never completed it, so that should say something about it, perhaps more about the staying power than the difficulty of it.

The graphics are simplistic, but I think that contributes to the overall effect of the game. This is a good use of the Disney licence, as well. There are too many 'character' games out there that slap a character on something, and then build a pointless game around it. In this scenario, the controls and gameplay are what you would expect from a duck that wears no pants. His attacks are bounces, by nature, and hilarious to watch. The kiddie value of this game is something that even a very old gamer can appreciate. There are few games that allow gamers to enjoy the simple things, and this game would be one of them.

Overall, this game was one I was glad I got, glad I got cheap and one I'll probably keep despite the fact that I'm almost certain I'll never pick it up again or even try to complete it. It's just a fun game!