QUICKIE: Goin' Quackers is...well...a decent platformer, but there's nothing too special here compared to others.

User Rating: 6 | Donald Duck: Quack Attack PS2
When the Sony PlayStation 2 was finally released into stores, many would try to utilize the PS2's hardware to prove what it can do. Disney did attempt to do that with one of their first games for the system, starring the quacking duck himself, Donald Duck.

When Donald's girlfriend Daisy, a news reporter, gets kidnapped by the evil Pete, Donald gets upset and must rescue her from Pete's clutches by going through 20+ levels of platforming that we've seen in games like the Crash Bandicoot games on the PSX.

As you can tell, it's your basic "Save your girlfriend/princess" scenario we've seen in countless games before. But how's the game. Well, the controls are pretty good, the graphics aren't really special, and as I said, the gameplay is almost exactly like Crash Bandicoot, except there are some special moves that you can use that are given to you if you spell out "SPECIAL" by collecting gears scattered throughout the level.

The game is a decent platformer at best. There's really nothing special about it, except this was released early in the PlayStation 2's life. If you've played games like Crash Bandicoot or a knockoff of it, you aren't missing anything. I say pass, unless you're a collector.