Amazing game looking for other games for this company now

User Rating: 7 | Disgaea DS DS
I found disgaea at a best buy, when I read the description I was thinking "another final fantasy tactics clone" I got it for that reason but when I played it I realized how different it was
Story: the story has you playing as the Overlord Laharl who wants to become the number one demon of the underworld. This story was in no way predictable one minute it was serious the next minute your wondering what in the world just happened.
Gameplay: the gameplay is amazing they don't just have a guy slashing another guy they actually have amazing attack animations from the earth splitting dimensional slash to the amazing omega star attack you will never get bored using them, adding geo panels also offers a little more to the strategic element of the game these colored panels can either help you or hurt you same with the opponent, as such you have to plan out where you move so that you don't hurt yourself.
Overall: this game is amazing if you want a game you can play for months this game is perfect