Is this port of Disgaea worth a look?

User Rating: 8 | Disgaea DS DS
Disgaea is truly a great game when it comes to gameplay and length to mess around with. The story and characters are memorable and hilarious due to how well written it is. I laughed almost everytime there was a cut scene, which was not the case in Disgaea 2. However what puts it down is the mediocre animations due to how much it got watered down on the DS. I have a feeling Nippon Ichi could have made a better effort than those muddy ugly battle effects. So some of its eye candy presentation through the over the top animations that the series is known for is not that appealing here. Another problem is how the game felt like a grindfest when your enemies suddenly incease up uneven levels and you're only choice is to repeat levels over and over again to match up which becomes a chore. Disgaea 2 had a much better balance in difficulty and pacing even if it had a few moments there. Nevertheless this is a great opportunity for people who are only familiar with the DS to try one of the most fun satisfying deep SRPG series out there. Personally I do in some way regret not getting the PSP version (if thats you're option too) as presentation is very important to this type of game which was butchered to the max. To be fair this version has a lot more added content but for those who don't care to fight an extra overpowered boss or to aquire a new characters idoesn't really add that much more value to the game

Nevertheless you shouldn't miss out on this experience if this is your only option to get the game!