Creative and humorous storyline/characters and very tactical turn based strategy/RPG elements combine well for this game

User Rating: 8.5 | Makai Senki Disgaea 3 PS3
I enjoyed this game from start to finish.First I'd like to say I was new to the Disgaea series when I first played this game,but I had no trouble learning how to play it and it's not as difficult for newcomers to get into as the Gamespot reviewer said it is.

The story/characters are entertaining,humorous,charming.To be honest,it took a while for the characters to grow on me(it was the gameplay that kept me interested in the game),but eventually the story and characters grew on me.

The story is set in a humorous version of hell refered to as the netherverse.The main character is a juvenille demon named ''Mao'' and his father actually controls the netherworld,but Mao wants control of it for himself and will do anything to gain control of it,even if it means turning against his own father or doing mean things to other people.Mao doesn't turn up for school,he doesn't do his homework,he sexually harasses females and is proud of it.

There is other people who want to take control of the netherverse,which causes conflicts with Mao and other plot twists happen in the story,and there's a touch of emotion and romance in the story.

The gameplay involves you and the CPU exchanging turn phases against eachother and trying to dispose of eachother's characters.Each turn phase will give each one of your characters one turn to move and attack.If you select to move,you can move your characters over a certain number of squares on the environment.A character doesn't have to attack immediately after they move,but each character can only attack once.

Your characters can also select defend,skill and throw functions.Skills are like special attacks/spells which require SP(which each character has a limited amount of),but the skills can be quite powerful.You can throw your party members or enemies over a certain number of squares,so your party member will get a chance to dispose of an enemy before they can attack your party members.Sometimes you will need to use the throw command for puzzle elements.

Also,when you place 2 or 3 characters on squares next to eachother,they can perform team attacks which are quite powerful and don't require any SP.

The Geoblocks are another interesting feature of this game,because geoblocks will affect the stats of characters(such as making them stronger or weaker) when they are inside the geoblock's range.

You can level up your characters main level and you can level up their skills.You can level up your characters to an insane level of 9999! But,you can beat the final boss without much trouble if your characters are over level 90.You can use potions to restore HP and SP.You can do sidequests.You can interact with NPCs.You can buy new armor and weapons(which increase your attack power and armor).So the game is similar to an RPG.

You can also create your own characters.

The cast of characters are enjoyable.

I've explained about Mao.

Almaz is learning to be a demon,but he is caring.

Geoffery is an old demon and a butler for Mao and taught Mao alot of what he knows.

Mr Champloo is a home economics teacher and many of Mr Champloo's attack skills are related to cooking techniques.

Sapphire is a princess from the human world.

Raspberyl is a childhood friend of Mao with her own personality

Asuka is a female ninja and her agility gives her special advantages in combat and she's also a bodyguard.

There is quite a few other characters,but I'll let you discover them for yourself.

The graphics IMO are poor for PS3 standards.I love anime style graphics but the graphics for Disgaea 3 lack sharpness and look PS2 quality.

The music can be charming at times,and sometimes you'll hear an enjoyable Japanese song sung by a female singer.For the more deeper or emotional story moments,the music can have a more deeper,sensitive feeling.

The voice acting matches the characters well,and they speak with good expression.Mao is so adorable and funny because he is so small but he tries to talk like he's so tough.

Overall,it's a very enjoyable turn based strategy game/RPG for the PS3.