Digimon World 3 is probably one of the best RPGs ever made for the playstation.

User Rating: 9 | Digimon World 3: Aratanaru Bouken no Tobira PS
Digimon World 3 takes place in the digital world, where you and two friends sign up for an online game. In this online game, you manage to obtain a strater pack of digimon. After signing up, you soon realize that you're trapped in the digital world. So who's the one who has to fix this? That's when you come in.

In the beginning, you have the chose of chossing between three starter packs of digimon. Unlike Pokemon, you get three digimon from the start rather than just one. Pack A is the most well balanced. Pack B is the strongest pack. Pack C however is known as the maniac pack, meaning that it'll be hard rasing them, but you have a wide variety with choosing evolution chains and such. The actual combat in the game is turned based. To affect who goes furst, you will have to train your digimon in the right stat. For this case, it would speed. There ar other stats such as defense, attack, spirit, and knowledge. There's also elemental stats that affect what attacks your digimon learns. So if you wanted to teach one of your digimon how to use fire attacks, then you would go and givw it fire elemental trainning. You will be able to get new digimon as you progress. By the time you get these new digimon, you'll already be half way through the game.

One flaw with the game is that the only way to actually level up your digimon is by battling. This is good since the encounter rate is really high. Plus, level grinding is important for defeating most bosses. You could always go to the trainning dojo at the beginning of the game, but it becomes to repetitive fast. As you progress through the game, new trainning methods will be added to the dojo for you to enhance your digimon's fighting abilities.

Just like Pokemon, you have to compete in gym battles. These gym battles are always 3 on 3 fights, but there's only 4 gyms in the whole game. You won't find yourself at the gyms for long though, as you'll spend most of your time searching through new forest, temples, and towns.

There's also a nice little card game feature of this game. You basically have the ability to build a deck of digimon cards. You can use this deck to battle random card trainers and build up reputation for yourself. At first, not a lot of trainners will be around for you to battle. Soon enough, there will be many people for you to card battle or to digi-battle.

The enviroments in the game change frequently, but most areas aren't that interesting. Only the towns are diverse and "different". The music isn't really that special as there's only one boss theme, one encounter theme, and one card battle theme. There are hwoever several city themes.

I mainly like how Digimon World 3 pulls you in. After taking a break from the game, it had me asking for more. While playing it, I felt as if I was really in the digital world. The game may be somewhat repetitive, but there are so many good qualities that make up for it. The story's long and interesting, the boss battles are intense and satisfying, and the card battles are just a little nice extra feature added to the mix. Anyone looking for a great RPG experince for the playstation should try this game. There are only tiny flaws of the game, that even people unfamiliar with digimon will forgive. Die hard fans and newcomers will enjoy this thrilling take on the digital world.