This is possibly the worst game iv ever had the misfortune to play.

User Rating: 1 | Digimon Racing GBA
Isnt it strange how these days the good old game producers can make any game franchise into a karting game. Virtua Tennis karting anyone? that would be a great idea compared to this heap of dog piles. it almost sickens me when i see games like 'Digimon Racing' but then i remember it isnt worth being sick over. the graphics are poor and make watching paint dry an exhilerating experience. the repetitive music makes you want to just tear out the speaker from your GBA. and finally. Just dont get this game, or, for that matter, any poor spin off karting game. with money you can save from the amount of karting games these days you may as well part exchange your GBA and get a wonderfully sexy PSP. just consider that.