A good racer that borders on frustrating

User Rating: 7 | Digimon Racing GBA
This was a game that i got very cheaply so i have to say that it was very good value for money, before i start.
The game is your standard racer. you play tournaments, time trials and quick matches to unlock three new racers. I would recommend that you complete the time trials first as that way you unlock Guiomon who is easily the best racer and the time trials take little effort.
The graphics are not incredible but they do the job well enough, and the Music is quite good as well. one thing i wasn't expecting was voice actors, these add a nice touch to the game but unfortunately they only have one or two lines, which makes you ask why, when Veemon drives off a cliff he shouts "That's the way to do it"
The tournament consists of four races then a Boss battle. the race tracks themselves aren't that challenging, it's your opponents. Needless to say the people (or rather Digimon) your racing against are complete Psychopaths more interest in destroying you rather than winning, this can lead to sever frustration because one slip up is all it takes for you to lose the race. that said so long as you don't take the game to seriously this game can be just as good as Mario kart or other racing games. If you see it cheap don't be put off by the license.