User Rating: 3 | Die Hard: Vendetta GC
i love the Die Hard movies and was in much need for a FPS on the GC, so I didnt think to look up how good of a game it was, I just took the employees word ( he also said that combat force 121 was a good game). The graphics are ok, they're not good but they're not great. The story is that some family memeber of Hans from the first one is after John McClane ( you too cheap to get Bruce Willis), but Carl from Family Matters is there so who cares right. All the bad guys look the exact same, but the idea of being stealth and sneaking up on someone is kind of cool, but its kind of hard in FPS mode. Then you get to a level with an objective that is randomly placed and take hours to find like in most budget titles so if you play them a lot then you know what I am talking about. This game features some jumping that will take a while to get the hang of as well. This game fails in places that it could be fun, but it just isnt.