An alright shooter, but it just doesn't hit the spot.

User Rating: 6 | Devastation PC
This is one of those games that It seemed to be good enough to give it a shot and see what it has to offer. It has a few aspects of a game that are like able however it just doesn't feel all that fun, but more tedious then it should be.

First a huge problem with any game is that the areas look the same everywhere. In the beginning districts area things look the same and it's not too easy navigating, except that there is a map, marker system. Also due to the small nature of the maps it can be easy to find the correct area (there are a lot of dead ends).

Weaponry is decent, this is one of the few games that features not only 1 pistol, but several. Each do about the same damage but dual wielding is possible with most weapons including the sets of pistols and even two Uzi's. Aiming on the downside can be quite hard or annoying because enemies constantly move unless ducking, and they are quite fast. Head shots are also a plus, despite the fact that the AI isn't too bright, and when sometimes you can walk pretty close to them on an angle and they won't even notice.

To keep entertained the voice acting is actually quite funny to the point where it is actually enjoyable to listen to it since some of the voices sound like famous stars. Cinematic's are also funny and somewhat silly which take away from the stories seriousness but keep the game fun. Another interesting thing is that when your player walks it almost sounds like the pause game music from the NES.

This game could be recommended however it may be one of the last on the list of futuristic shooter games.