"This game is Zip Zap Kapowie Kewl!"

User Rating: 7 | Demolition Racer (Best of Infogrames) PS
The demolition racer is a racing game without pitstops,without a yellow flag and you can beat up your opponents, your opponents will want to beat you up also. There are 5 different types of races you can play, there is Demolition where you have to complete the race without blowing up,In The Chase you have to get to the finish line without getting hurt, Chicken is when you race the opposite way your opponents are racing, In Last man standing you are in a big arena and you have to smash crash and burn all of the other opponents without you dieing, and be the last car standing and you win!, last but not least there is Suicide where you ave to be the first one to kill yourself to win.

I like this game, i like fire and smashing things. the graphics are good,the sounds okay, the gameplay is good.

This game is an action racing game, if you like action and or racing you might consider this game.