Great Soundtrack

User Rating: 8.9 | Demolition Racer (Best of Infogrames) PS
The best part about Demolition Racer is the soundtrack. It has a great mix of Electronica and Heavy Metal. It features such great bands as Cirrus, Empiron, Tommy Tallarico and Fear Factory... Oh Yeah! The game is good too. It's better than Destruction Derby. The cars are great and the Predator looks amazing. It's cool how you can customise your car's paint job to your liking and add a logo. I like to have a Fear Factory logo. There isn't just one game mode, mind, there is a last man standing mode, and an innovative suicide mode, where you have to kill yourself as fast as possible

Graphics- 6/10 A big letdown, the cars look blocky and the levels aren't very impressive. The car "Predator" looks like sex on wheels.

Gameplay- 9/10- the "Suicide" mode is brilliant. It's so fun smashing yourself against the wall. The "Last Man Standing" mode is fun and most of the other modes are fun (Just don't mention Chicken)

Sound-10/10 Excellent tunes. Fear Factory wrote 2 songs especially for the game which are quite hard to find.Empiron also wrote a song just for the game. I can't find it anywhere. If anyone knows where to find it, send me a message

Value- 9/10- 5 game modes and multiplayer. Really quite good.

Demolition Racer would have been perfect, if it wasn't for the graphics. Buy this instead of Destruction Derby