Violence in rap music? No way! (note the sarcasm)

User Rating: 4.5 | Def Jam Vendetta PS2
Violence in rap music? No way! (note the sarcasm) This game furthers sterotypes of rappers and it isnt a good enough game to overshadow that.

There are an alarming number of fighting games better than this. Unless you are absolutley a die-hard rap fan and love mindless fighting games you should stay away from this title.

I went thru the creation/storyline aspect and it was just really not that great....calls from method man...whatever

The fighting was fairly well done, but when games like Mortal Kombat and Soul Caliber exist there isnt enough here to go this route.

Sound is fine if you look wangsta rap and think your tough but everyone with an IQ level will probably find the music super annoying too.

Final word: Stay away, get yourself a better game you know they are out there.

I played this game for less than 10 hours and wouldnt think about it reaching for it again any time.