The Downtroddended need Justicededed

User Rating: 8 | DeathSpank PC
Deathspank is a very funny game about a hero called Deathspank, vanquisher of evil, hero to the downtrodden and dispenser of Justice. At its core, deathspank is an RPG with some of the elements of this type of genre but executed in a very simple way to enable newcomers and veterans enjoy this hilarious journey of Deathspank.
Deathspank is a hero looking for the artifact only known as "The Artifact" which he is destined to possess, so he works night and day saving folks from evil and eventually becoming the kind of hero worthy of the Artifact. In the first few hours of playing, you recover the artifact but you get pummelled to the ground by Lord Von Prongs' Bruisers who steal the artifact and retreat to the Von Prong castle. The game is further expanded to a small town of Pluckmuckel and you are immediately given a quest of saving orphans. This game will not be great as it is without the humorous dialogues you encounter with friends and foe.
Gameplay is very simple and straightforward. When you get a quest, you go out and complete it while hacking and slashing your way through enemies and stoopid chickens and there are lots of chickens in this game. There is an achievement in the game for slaying lots of chickens and I did not misspell stoopid. Just like some rpgs, you get a sword, crossbow, health potions, etc. to go along with you on a quest and you also earn experience points while slaying your foe and levelling up. Levelling up is easy as you are given Hero cards to choose from. These cards improve your block, speed, damage and how much money you can earn in the game every time you level up. Weapons and armor can also be upgraded and have been made easy with auto replace which replaces your armor with a better one so you can focus on slaying your wretched enemies. Foes range from drunken leprechauns, several unicorns, and armies of stoopid chickens, a talking tree, forbidden bacon and some very annoying orphans for our hero to save. Although these orphans are not dangerous, Deathspank thinks they will become future criminals. Every town or haunted area you enter has a fast travel method, so getting around the map is easy and accessible.
The world of deathspank is cylindrical, varied and colourful with a lot of humour to make you laugh till you drop. This is a great game but with some bugs here and there. Another annoyance in this game is picking your choice of sentences and hearing Deathspank repeat the same thing you just clicked. Wish they had used the Mass Effect Dialogue system to make it a little bit better. Overall this game is different and a funny action RPG all the way to the end.