What differs DeathSpank form other H&Ss is a great doze of humor that makes you want to play it even just for laughs

User Rating: 9.5 | DeathSpank PC
DeathSpank is a cartoony Hack & Slash RPG game form the one and only Ron Gilbert - the creator of the Monkey Island series. This alone should be sufficient recommendation for this game.

- Humor
- Characters
- Graphics
- Humor
- Variety of enemies and location
- Oh, and did I mention HUMOR?

- For some players it can get repetitive
- Co-Op is only local

A really great game for everyone tired of all the pretentious RPGs and their stuck-up stories. DeathSpank is just plain fun!!! If you played TorchLight you'll find it pretty similar most of the time, but I assure you - it's way better! Mostly thanks to the before-mentioned great deal of humor.

Personally I rate it for 9.5/10 and can't wait for the next episodes of DeathSpank "Hero-to-the-Downtrodden!-Vanquisher- of-Evil!-Dispenser-of-Justice!" adventures.