Purpose of this game?

User Rating: 10 | Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 X360
First of all, I want to ask to those who are rating this game with bad scores, why in the heck did you guys buy this game in the first place? Whatever your reasons are, I bought it for one reason and one reason only; to enjoy viewing of amazing scenery, beautiful graphics, and best of all, DOA girls. I'm pretty sure many people who played this game, whether it be from renting or owning, got it on their hands for the same reason that I bought it for. I'm sure there are some exceptions such as people who had to play for reviewing, got it as a present, or got it in any way without spending any money, but that doesn't change the fact that most of us are perverts and are fascinated by any sex related topics. However, many people are saying that they got it to play a volleyball game, but I find that hard to believe. Just think about this; why do you think that Tecmo developed a game like this? Because they know that most men are perverts and would get this so called "game" even when it's actually more of a soft porn rather than an actual game.
Basically, my point is that it's really funny to see that many of you guys are saying that this game sucks when it's real purpose isn't even to be played but rather, drooled at. It's just too ironic that people rent or buy this game knowing what kind of "game" (or in my case, porn) this is, only to end up bashing about it. Ultimately, it would be better if everyone just admit that they bought it for different reasons than to play it and just enjoy this sexually welcomed and fantasized game. Lastly, I prefer paying $20 for a "game" (which can be played for hours )and porn put in one rather than an actual porn that only lasts a few hours. Besides, if your mother catches you playing this porn, you can pass it off as a game. Can you do that with an actual porn?
For those who were forced to play or got this game for free, you ratings are perfectly reasonable. But then, once again, it wouldn't hurt to keep it in the shelves and pull it out every once in a while when you are in need of sexual desires. :)