Fans of the DOA girls like me are going to be floored.Other people are gonna be freaked out.

User Rating: 8.8 | Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 X360
Anyone remember Dead or Alive Xtreme 1?It was a great game featuring volleyball,pool hopping and addictive collecting.O yeah it also has something else,great looking girls in bikinis.

Zack some how manages to trick the lovely ladies of DOA into coming to a restored Zack Island yet again.But this time around its pumped with steroids and tons of fun,even if the game is generally basic.All the girls return to the Island including the addition of Kokoro from DOA4.

You have a lot to choose from now which was one thing critics complained about a lot in the last game.There is Vacation Mode and the main games there are Jet Skii Racing and Volleyball.The Volleyball is pretty basic but its a challenge this time and more lovely to watch.B and A are gonna be your main buttons so its not all that complex,but like I said before it is indeed fun.Jet Ski is another mode which is completely new,and that is also a lot of fun.It plays a lot like wave race but you can do a lot of entertaining tricks and you get extra speed boosts if you manage to stay between the lines perfectly,so no crashing!And there are other things to do on the Island as well such as but bumping,tug-of-war,water sliding and races,which are all very basic but fun games to play around with.There is also another casino in this one,which is yet again basic.

This game clearly looks amazing.The girls look wild,there boobs indeed do jiggle frequently,but none of that is bad right?Some people are gonna complain about the hair,but thats just the way it is now so people need to get over that.The Island looks amazing,the water is very pretty and everything thing else you see in this game looks spot on.

The game has a good soundtrack that fits the game well,but some of the songs really suck.So its a blessing that you can make out your own custom tracks to fit the game to your liking.

There is a ton to do in this game.Lots of addictive collecting yet again.Loads of swimsuits and tons of gifts to give girls to.The achievements in this game are hard to unlock and take dedication.But if you are an insane player you will get points and a nice pictorial mode for each swimsuit set you collect.

Overall DOAX2 is a fun relaxing game that DOAXVB could have been.So its nice to see the series pump itself up with lots more to do.If your into DOA or the games girls,go out an buy it don't let the critics make you think differently,this game is better than what people are going to say.Other people who are not all that interested in DOA should maybe just stick with a rent.