I dont understand why people hate on this game so much.

User Rating: 6.5 | Dead Island: Riptide PC
I honestly think the only problem with this game it is a lag issue a lot of people have (pc version) and the solution was put a really low resolution for the game to run, my laptop has a good i7 and i run really big games but it was able to run the game (in low resolution tho), if they fix this they could even deserve a better score, the story? its fun but you have to know it won't be a big difference from the first part but its nice to kill some time and if you like Dead Island it's worth it but (i payed for this game the Steam offer they had) i would never pay neither 40-20 dollars for the game. The multiplayer? Its fine..... but you know it's the story line with a person helping you. I found this good since i could share with more people the story and if you have a problem in some part of the game you can just create a server and wait for someone to help you. (they even tell you when a player is as the same chapter as you so you guys can play together).