Dead Island: Riptide

User Rating: 8 | Dead Island: Riptide PC
I'm not sure if any of you people who dislike Dead Island: Riptide read this or not, but the title has 'Dead Island' in it, meaning it is part of the Dead Island series. What I want to know is why people complain that it is very similar to the previous one? It's supposed to be isn't it, I mean that's why it's from the same series.
People want a game that is not Dead Island, which is weird and I do not understand why they had hopes for Riptide to be different.
Anyways, so far I have enjoyed it, the story is a little linear and the level system is still the same, which are the problems I had with the first Dead Island, I heard there were a lot of bugs with the quest system, I have only noticed one, but they already worked on it, so now that it is fixed, I do not see any other problems.
Thank you for reading, I did not mean to harm anyone with what I said, it's just that I think some people did not take everything in to account, and expected a little too much from this game.