If you like the first one youll like this, if you didnt like the first one then you wont like this one

User Rating: 8 | Dead Island: Riptide PC
This game is essentially pretty much the same as the first game. I havent made it through most areas yet because ive spent the past 2 days having fun exploring and picking weapons up etc. its really really fun and im not even past the 2nd main mission yet. To sum this up in short if you loved the first one then youll love this one, if you didnt like the first one then dont bother. If you havent played it at all then i suggest go on youtube and watch some gameplay then you decide if you wanna try it or not.

i pre ordered the game and was worried about all the bad reviews. the first game had a save file corruption glitch which was later worked out about a year after the release and didnt happen much. when that happened to me in the first game i lost a level 50 character and a huge amount of hours. i vowed to never play the game again, but guess what here i am playing it. the game is that much fun to me that i put my personal vendetta aside and bought the new one.

first thing i like is you can import your 4 characters from the first game if you want to or theres a new 5th person you can start with. if you got the pre order special edition you get a survivor pack from the ps store which includes a awesome mod weapon and a new outfit as well as a map bonus online.

the map bonus online is awesome! im pretty sure you can still get the special edition if you hurry even if you didnt pre order. the map is a online map that is a strategy guide almost, it tells you where every hidden object is and quests everything. and you can checkmark them as you do them! this helps alot for trophy hunters

the game also came with a extra steelcase. the picture on the steelcase is amazing they had to cost them alot to make. and getting the steelcase for free relly made me happy i been staring at the case all day.

one of the complaints people are saying is the game is repetitive. of course it is its a quest game all quest games are. skyrim was repetitive and half the world owns that game. the game hasnt changed much since the first one and while some people say thats what they dont like about the game, i say thats what i DO like about the game. if the gameplay is fun and not broke then dont fix it. why change the game if it already is fine? for example battlefield bad company, when bad company 2 came out they changed the entire game and now i wont even play bf anymore.if they would of kept it the same i would of kept playing it. i had 54 days worth of hours put in battlefield, and the 2 games after that i have about 3 days because it changed. if dead island would of changed it would of ticked me off.

the game doesnt have many flaws. the lack of stamina makes the game hard but if you import a character its not a problem also you work on leveling up and get more. driving is a mess because of the view its hard to see where u are going. also when you walk you do a slight weird sway thats sort of annoying. also the quest arrow doesnt seem to work alot. also you have to exit the game to switch to offline mode i think. these are all minor flaws

the game has many quests and many places to explore and many weapons to pick up. its like a zombie borderlands or skyrim. you can mod weapons with blueprints. theres alot of blood and limb dismembering. what more could you ask for. also there is alot of storage with a bunch of characters at camp u can store weapons at.