Good game that will have you hooked

User Rating: 8 | Dante's Inferno: Shinkyoku Jigoku-Hen X360
Well I will start off by saying the scores are about right. I would give this game a 8/10, just simply due to nothing new/innovative and a few camera angle issues here and there. Don't listen to the GoW fan boi's, this game is solid and is a great play.

Graphics: The graphics aren't anything revolutionary, but they are good none the less. Very up to date and rap you in the warm blood soaked blanket of hell. Some people tend to complain that it's too dark/black and's hell. No rainbows and unicorns here my friends.

Sound: Sound is nice. Has a good sound track that fits the game perfectly. The moans from the tormented souls and cries of the babies you are slaughtering are amazing coming through the surround sound.

Game Play: The game play is decent, nothing great or innovative. The combos/moves are very easy to learn and in my opinion suit the action game just fine. Again people want to complain about how you don't have to hop on one foot pick your nose in mid air back flip while drinking chocolate milk to do a combo. Over complicated controls can hurt a game and make intense combat annoying especially for the novice player.

The action chain to do your finishers are simple and perfect. There is nothing I hate more than having to do a long line of commands to end a battle and then end up missing the great cinematics of the cut scene to be careful and hit every button.

Difficulty: The game isn't too difficult. I would recommend going balls to the wall out of the box. Once you beat it and unlock Inferno mode replay it again to get that last achievement and level up your Holy or Unholy side. (I would focus on Holy on your first play through)

Length: I beat the game in 8 hours without rushing, but not taking my time either. The game could have been longer, but I found it about average for the normal action game.

Replay Value: The game does have some replay value. You will have to play it again to level up the Holy & Unholy powers. There is another mode called The Gates of Hell which is an arena type game play.

Not out yet is also a co-op mode that allows you to setup a game to play with your friends. This mode allows you to create you own waves of enemies and then the maps are loaded to the online server where other people can play them as well and rate them.

Overall I am pleased with the game. It kept me hooked and I kept finding my self saying "ok, just to the next save point"...which would turn into hours and several save points later. The difficulty is just right, graphics and sound are on point, controls work right no matter the skill of the player, and the replay value has a little merit. If you don't plan to use the online co-op mode I would recommend picking this up used or renting it. It's a great game, but without the co-op you can beat it and get all it's usefulness in about 20-25 hours total game play.