[8.0/10] Dante's Inferno combine ideas that already exist and makes a solid Action Adventure but not a unique one.

User Rating: 8 | Dante's Inferno: Shinkyoku Jigoku-Hen X360
So it looks like Dante's Inferno Copying God of War by the gameplay and minigames i think this is Very Fun Game i Can Also Say This is the Closest to God of War i played on Xbox 360 but before you go with your game collection i have to say i don't have Bayonetta or Darksiders !!
in This Game you play as Dante who is Went to the Hell to Help his Beloved Beatrice which is died because of his sins, You play in 9 circles of Hell every time something new !!

-The Details-

* Visuals [Graphics/Design] - 85/100
The Hell Looks Fantastic As Low You go down in the game You Feel like more and more tensing the level design just keep getting better even though there's not a lot of monsters to fight i find out the game Beautiful although The Graphics weren't so special i still had Fun !!!

* Gameplay - 80/100
the Gameplay is Really reminding of God of War but in Good way i find the Game really fun to play and didnt cried to play the story again ! although the buttons mini games are repetitive i still had fun playing and choosing between Absolving or Punishing them !!

* Sound [in-Game Music/Voice Acting] - 80/100
Good voice work, with decent lip synching too for once, though the soundtrack gets lost along the way. At times the score blends with the game perfectly and then other times, it just seems to be drowned out by the action other than that the music was tensing sometimes !!

* Story - 90/100
The Story is strong and interesting but also Short i Finished The Game within 6 hours even though i was exploring alot it didn't added me lots of hours but i didn't mind to play the game again !!

Dante's Inferno Getting an Excellent - 8/10