One of those... undecided

User Rating: 6 | Damnation PS3
The game lacks new features and a fresh outlook on old stories done by other games quite weird looking Gears of War type game.
After playing the game I got quite into it... but only because it annoyed me so much I wanted to complete it each level is massivlwy long but always the same thing to do climb up on things to a higher point and then climbing down only to go back up the other side, mindlessly shooting enemies who varied only in appearance with the odd massive machine enemy here and there.
Levels were puzzling slightly with the amount of buildings and where to go and how to move on wards.
However saying all this when played as a co op campaign it can be rather fun as you have two players more killing and better strategy to the game as you can cover each other in levels and work out ways to get through the levels. I rated this game as a 6 BUT only because of the co op campaign as I enjoyed that more on single campaign I would rate this game as a 4.5 I think for a PS3 game it's tried to punch in above it's weight.