Worst game of the decade!

User Rating: 3 | Damnation PS3
Damnation was often talked about in the same discussions as inFAMOUS and Prototype. The had built up a lot of hype and now its time to see if it actually delivered.

Graphics - 4/10

Let me at least start with the good. The character models look very good in the game. Especially the girl! She is sexy and shows off a lot of cleavage in the game.

Now with that said......The rest of the game looks like complete garbage. Constant pop ups and tearing. Visual detail takes an extra second or 2 to appear. Bland and very dull all around. The water looks like it was created in 1999 and you would think that jumping in water would create some sort of a splash right? Ya, not so much here. The best way to describe the graphics in this game would be to compare it to an old extremely early PS2 game. It's really that bad.

Sound - 2/10

Damnation managed to capture some of the worst monotone dialogue that I have ever heard. The voice acting is terrible. No emotion or anything. The sound effects in the game are extremely bad as well. Lacking sounds in almost every single category. For example: I had to shoot down a large totem poll or ball to create a ramp. This should have created a very loud bang with a lot of bass. What I got was a tin can falling 3 inches from the ground.

While playing online I noticed that microphones do not work. Now this is a huge problem since the game has co-op mode. My friend and I were forced to use the PS3 text chat while playing. This is very annoying!!!!!

Gameplay - 3/10

I played through the entire campaign in co-op mode. This mode is very glitchy and its very hard to follow your friend around, especially since we can not talk to each other. The controls are also very very bad. Nothing feels fluid and you are constantly needing to jump where you can not even see. The poor camera results in many stupid deaths. Let me talk about the glitches again. I got stuck 3 times during play where I had to reload my last checkpoint. Once was when I was trying to run down a hill and got caught on the edge of the stairs. Next, while riding the bike my front wheel hit a wall and would not come loose. And finally we simply took an elevator down and could not move anymore.

Weapons - 2/10

You get a total of like 3 or 4 weapons the entire game. Sniper holds a whopping 3 bullets at a time and takes forever to reload. In fact, every weapon takes way too long to reload. There is a shotgun, pistol, and machine gun. The weapons can not be upgraded and they all suck pretty badly. You also get some trip mines along the way which blow up like a single black cat on the 4th of July.

Overall - 3/10

I managed to platinum this wretched game in 12hrs while playing with a friend. I am sure this would take longer on your own seeing how the game does not offer a good sense of direction. I was constantly getting lost and not knowing where to go next. The game is filled with glitches, tearing, terrbile sound, and boring everything else.

Please listen to my words! This game is for "Trophy Wh0res" ONLY!!!!!!

One sexy female character

Poor graphics
Poor sound
Poor multiplayer
Poor controls
Poor everything else