This review will be useful only to 3D (stereoscopic) gamers who have not played the game.

User Rating: 6.5 | Damnation PC
As you can see there are mixed reactions but most tend to be bad reviews for the game. This time is one of those that I completely agree with gamespot's review, however there is one thing and maybe only one for why you would want to try this game.

Its 3D (stereoscopic) compatibility is IMPRESSIVE, that along with level design and vertical concept will most likely make to feel vertigo when playing. Specially between the half of the game and 3rd quarter of it towards the end. Yes that is it, there is nothing more but i still insist. I have played may be more than 100 games in stereoscopic mode, some of the really gave a great experience but this one is a very different shooter with a vertical concept not very common. Since this game can be purchased for a couple of dollars in amazon I would highly suggest it to gamers who are looking into an immersive 3D experience.

However it took me almost a year since to complete it since at the beginning I had 3D issues with my original setup.