This game has surprised me, i was expecting a load of tat, but the PC version rocks.

User Rating: 8 | Damnation PC
I have only been playing this game a few hours, but so far i have really rather enjoyed the experience. Nice graphics, easy Keyboard/mouse controls and large maps, make this game rather enjoyable. The sounds are a bit weak and the enemy AI still needs tweaking but i am pleasantly surprised by this game overall, especialy after reading a Xbox 360 review on another website. The levels are huge and the game starts you off nice and easy and slowly you build up confidence. It kind of mixes the Lara Croft games with a bit of Gears Of War. I was very doubtfull this game would amount to anything, but with its mix of 3rd person shooter and platformer it all rather blends in nicely. I think people should give this game a go. I will report back after i have played for a few more hours, but so far i am really enjoying this game.

Okay, after playing this game for a few more hours, i must say i am still really enjoying it. There are some niggles. 1) The Guns are rubbish. 2) The graphics are okay but the baddies graphics are mediocre. 3) The AI is a bit weak.
The good stuff. 1) Easy controls. 2) Multiple ways to figure out the routes.3) Good solid and addictive gameplay.
This game could easily be improved, but i still love playing it.