Only play this game if you really love the show.

User Rating: 6 | CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Hard Evidence X360
Opinion - It's a no brainer. Only fans of the show will spend the time hunting around for bugs, clues, in the crime lab, and interviewing people in this game. It can't stand by itself. The only immersing element is if you imagine yourself as a CSI investigator while playing, cause if you don't I'm pretty sure you're going to put the game down and forget about it.

Good - Just like the show. You have to be very meticulous in your powers of investigation. Completing a case is very rewarding.

Bad - Graphics stink. Some of the cases lame and the television characters no help at all. Just the ocassional pat on the back.

Overall - C- for this game. I played it through since I really had nothing else better to do at the time. Save your money or buy from Ebaoy or Craig's list. Don't rent since it'll take a long time to go through all cases.