Fun tower defense game that is ridiculously hard.

User Rating: 8 | Crystal Defenders IOS
If your looking for the best tower defense game for iphone this is it. Having said that crystal defenders is a fun game that lets you upgrade different towers to your advantage. You really have to know what your doing to survive later levels. It feels like its lacking because by the time you have everything you think you need the game throws an impossible scenario at you.

If you think about it you have to upgrade what you have been neglecting but if you do that then the towers you upgraded will be the ones that end you. This is my only complaint about the game it seems to target the towers you dont always upgrade which means you must upgrade all the towers evenly. However this is impossible soon as you hit the more advanced levels you dont have enough time or coins to make it happen. The result of all this is every time you start a game you can only go to around the area where you always fail making this game worth playing if you like the gameplay leading up to the same fail every time.