This game is highly addicting and suites those Final Fantasy fans looking for a game you can play over and over and over

User Rating: 9 | Crystal Defenders IOS
I honestly didn't like this game when I first saw it on the Wii. I thought that it was a stupid game and pointless, but when I finally decided to buy this game on the iPhone, I absolutely loved it. As I said before I am a huge Final Fantasy/Square-Enix fan (which is sad considering I haven't played all the Final Fantasys) so I love the design and the character design which are based on some the other mobile based Final Fantasys. The difficulty though is pretty much good as you try the harder levels they get pretty difficult to pass, even I haven't pass the last four stages and I have been playing it for quite some time now. I do recommend this game especially if you are a Final Fantasy fan. I bought it when it was like $5.99 and I believe that it is now like $7.99 but I still think that the game is worth it.