Far better than the first one, though I still pay my respects to the venerable Nomad...

User Rating: 9.5 | Crysis Warhead PC
It's Crysis the second time around-or is it? Well, as it turns out, it's a game that goes along the first one (kinda reminiscent of the Half-Life series with the Blue Shift and Opposing Force expansions). But this game really hit more than a wall of greedy expectations, it topples that wall with a barrage of great graphics, enhanced game play and a new storyline that expands the first Crysis game.
It's Psycho's story this time around; he's main man and it's all about him and what he's doing during Nomad's escapades. It turns out he's done a lot more enjoyable things than Nomad has. He meets all sorts of weirdness, a lot more enemies and new types of enemies. He even gets to have a few wild 'wild rides' that's greatly satisfying and memorable for his and the players' part. There's this small war in Korea; everyone who's played the first game is already oriented with this bit of the tale, but there's more to the events that are happening in future Korea: a conspiracy is stirring and the whole world will eventually be affected with all of it. It's up to a small band of nano-suit wearing soldiers to stop this localized event to spread globally. Then there's the aliens, and the plot is inevitably turned around. All these and more when playing this game, and it's worth the price alone.
Crytek really put their butts into this game. On full graphics capacity, this game really is one realistic adrenalin-jerker. The motion blur, the character animation, the huge environments, the ambiance, the weirdness are wonderfully painted in this game. There are more animals this time around; gives the player a sense of life that the island lacked on the first game. Nature is really alive in this offering. The weapons animation are rendered well, and though there are a few things that may trouble the frame rate and presentation, it's forgivable. One can't really distinguish between cut scene and actual game play anymore, it's that beautiful.
It's better this time around because every sound is enhanced. They even added other ambient noise, though I don't really know which of 'em it is, I just know their there. I would really like to commend their work on the soundtrack, it's so 'action-y', if you know what I mean. They're a mix of heroic music and nu metal. I just love to listen to the soundtrack played on the menu and the credits. They inject a feeling of being challenged and a feeing of accomplishment. It's all good, and noisy.
It's definitely faster than the first game. The firefights are more intense and the weapons are all like crazy dope-users out to unleash hell on those alien scum. Even the pistols look and sound extremely menacing. Along the standard weapons first featured in the original Crysis are a new arsenal of weapons that'll leave the players stunned and excited. Weapons can now be upgraded and tweaked many times; I wonder why Nomad never got these special things in his inventory (Psycho gets all the good stuff). Movement, action, the nano-controls all feel different this time around. 'Combos' are now used frequently using the nano-suit 'special features', so expect that droning monotonous voice to whisper 'maximum...' many times. Or turn it off.
I clapped my hands when I began this game. The larger things in the Crysis universe are featured here and so, the best things to date are here. I loved the rocket-launcher; it's faster and it looked to deal more damage since there's emphasis to destruction here. I had a great time playing, and so would you.