This game is as lame as it's name... Crusty Demons, hahaha lame name for a game. Hey, That rhymes.

User Rating: 4.7 | Crusty Demons XBOX
If you were looking for a hardcore game with far-out tricks and characters, then you might want to get a restraining order from this gaem cuz it is pretty bad. Graphics are decent, sound isn't very well put in. The songs suck big time. The controls in this game are just misplaced and confusing to many gamers who have played recent Moto games on the Xbox. The stupidest things about the games are, obviously, the name and that you play are demons from the Underworld. So, yeah, this game doesn't follow up to it's full potential. I think this game would have been better on a portble system like the DS or GBA. Not the PSP though. I don't think you'll be purchasing this game or even touching. Take my word for it, this game blows.